One A Day

By Dave Buffington

Like this one … Like this one … Quietly, without much fanfare, driver’s education is disappearing from schools across America.

It’s already gone at Lower Dauphin. Hershey still has a quarter-credit Highway Safety course. Palmyra has a combined Driver’s Ed/Career Ed course. In-car training is gone at all three schools.

People say it’s due to budget cuts.

I say it’s due to misplaced priorities.

Yes, I know, having driver’s ed on an application isn’t going to get your kid a scholarship in track or accepted at NYU.

But he won’t be doing much running if he’s in a wheelchair.

And she won’t be taking many acting classes if she’s dead.

Still, whether or not driver’s ed survives is up to the parents, school boards and taxpayers.

But here at The Sun, we’re in a unique position to replicate the most memorable part of the old driver’s ed classes.

And this one… And this one… The wrecks.

It’s especially important now to remind our kids of the costs of sloppy, stupid driving. It’s spring, when the caution of winter is gone and the start of summer is in sight. There are places to go, things to do and a rash of accidents will surely follow.

So, for the next week, we’ll post a new wreck photo every day on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thesunontheweb). Feel free to share it with your kids along with whatever warning about texting, drinking or driving you care to add.

Think of it as Driver’s Ed Lite.

Think of it as more important than English Lit.

And this one … And this one …

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