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Learn-to-Swim volunteersLearn-to-Swim volunteers
The Learn-to-Swim program sponsored by the Hummelstown Rotary and The Hummelstown Swim Club was held for two weeks from June 19 to June 30, 2017.

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Sun for publishing the Learn to Swim program dates and times for us. Your continued support is very helpful to this program.

Secondly, I would like to thank the dedicated volunteers whose aim is to “drownproof” the children also makes this program a success. We had approximately 150 children in the program and the rewards are numerous. Seeing a child go from being afraid of the water to jumping or diving off the boards is very rewarding!

Thirdly, I would like to thank the parents of these children. Their willingness to change schedules around and make sure that their children got to the program and are safe around water is admirable.

The success of this program is due to the cooperation and willingness of all involved.

Linda J. Strine

L-to-S Program Supervisor

In our June 29 issue, Bill Jackson wrote about the tensions in North Korea, which date back to the Korean “conflict” in the 1950s. One local man remembers that time all too well …

I just finished your article in the June 29 edition of The Sun. I felt I had to comment because I was involved in the story you told. My cousin Eddy Auman of Lebanon was killed in your “Pusan Perimeter” fiasco. Those poorly trained troops and poor leadership were primary factors in his death.

I was part of Gen. McArthur’s landing force at Inchon. I landed on my 20th birthday, Sept. 14, 1950, and was part of the 1st Marine Division. After the landing, we moved to recapture Seoul and the rest of South Korea. Next we were put on ships and went north to Warsaw. On the way we assaulted Kujo, a village held by the North Koreans. We lost a bunch of Marines there due to poorly trained reserved Marines with no discipline like regular Marines. From Warsaw, we next went north to the Chosin Reservoir on the border between North Korea and Mandarin.

Next, the Chinese sent 150,000 volunteers to help their communist N. Korean friends to wipe out the Marines who wore leggings. They almost made it. We had to fight our way back to Warsaw along narrow mountainous roads in 40-degree temperatures and deep snow with poor boots and clothing. No Food. No Water. And limited ammunition. The only supplies were air dropped and the Chinese captured most of them.

Also no support troops or air support. Harry Truman wouldn’t allow the Air Force to bomb the Chinese volunteers because he felt that it might trigger World War III. Him and McArthur got into bitter fights over that. So we were left out to dry. No help. I was frozen and suffered lifelong 100% disabilities.

I, along with others, was flown back to the states to Phila. Naval Hospital for about 6 months and then discharged.

I responded to your “From Where I Sit” because I wanted to make a point. I just watched a TV episode about Hitler when he decided to invade Russia and the results. This is what happens in all these wars. The people invade other countries like Hitler, Japanese, Italians without doing the longterm planning and they fail. If you are going to win you must have supply lines for food, clothing, medical supplies, ammunition, replacement troops and vehicles.

So the Korean War was also a victim of poor planning and no backup or support. So after that fiasco, comes the Vietnam War so guess what? The same thing!

Will we never learn? We have wasted so many of our young people who are crippled like me or killed for no good reason. We have airplanes like the B52s that can wipe out these bad countries in a week if we decide to quit using ground troops to deal with these people.

Maybe Donald Trump is the man to make this happen if he gets a little support. I lost a lot of buddies in the Korean War and I still dream about them. I have PTSD to this day so I go over this time and again.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

Thanks for listening.

Ray Eckert

86-year-old Marine

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