Mount Gretna Craft Brewery

2701 Horseshoe Pike, Palmyra, PA 17078

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

Vibe: Mount Gretna Craft Brewery, located at the historic Leed’s Corner in Palmyra, is officially a must-visit spot for beer lovers in Sun Country.

I love everything about this place. The beers are great, the place is beautiful and the staff is down-to-earth and friendly. It’s a great vibe all-around, easy-going and relaxed. Sometimes I get a little intimidated at breweries with all the hop talk because IPA’s are “very complex”, but Mount Gretna is totally not “snobby” at all and welcomes beer lovers of all types.

The new Biergarten is beautiful and is the perfect addition for the summer. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there’s really nothing better than drinking outside when the weather is warm. I base about 90 percent of my decisions about where to go in the summer on whether I can be outside or not, and I’m glad I now have that option at Mount Gretna. I checked it out on opening day during Memorial Day weekend and instantly fell in love. It’s AWESOME. Visit and see for yourself.

Honestly though, drinking inside is just as enjoyable. The bar/tap room is made from this really pretty wood and it reminds me a lot of camping or a cabin in the woods (no, not the movie) and for some reason, it’s very relaxing and “chill”. They also have a great menu for lunch and dinner, so you can really make a day or evening out of your visit.

I’m really excited for the Brewery’s new Sippin’ on Summer series this year (mostly because trivia is one of the only things I’m good at.) Check out what’s going on this summer:

• Wednesdays – Live Music

• Thursdays – Trivia supporting local non-profits

• Sundays – Brunch

• 3rd Sunday – Jazz Brunch

• Wednesday through Friday – Happy Hour

My favorite: This is a surprising turn of events, but my favorite beer is actually NOT a wheat or fruity beer. (I know! Call the press!) My go-to is the Kolsch. It has this great toasted/smoky flavor (to me) and I think it’s really easy to drink. A close second for my favorite is the new Honey Basil Pale Ale. At first, I thought it tasted like Margherita pizza because of the basil, which I think is a great thing because pizza and beer are a match made in heaven, but it’s a smooth beer with a unique flavor. It’s not weird at all, I promise; it’s actually really good. Definitely grab one when you’re out in the Biergarten this summer!

What’s on tap:

Auger DIPA (8.4 ABV)
Honey Basil Pale Ale (5.6 ABV)
Star Barn Saison (5.4 ABV)
Belgian Cherry Wheat (5.2 ABV)
Campbelltown Kolsch (5.2 ABV)
Chiques Creek IPA (7.2 ABV)
Ironmaster Stout (5.8 ABV)
Big Red Amber (5.0 ABV)
Governor Dick Pale Ale (5.5 ABV)

For non-beer drinkers, Mount Gretna Craft Brewery also offers an array of cocktails featuring Hidden Still Spirits and Thistle Finch Distillery and wine from Waltz Vineyards.

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