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AACA Museum on Route 39Photo: Nathan Merkel. AACA Museum on Route 39
Photo: Nathan Merkel.
As we were going to press, the Antique Automobile Club of America and the AACA Museum announced a deal that appears to end their feud over trademarks and control of the Hershey-based organizations.

The organizations released this joint statement Oct. 16:

The Board of Directors of the Antique Automobile Club of America and the Board of Directors of the AACA Museum, Inc. entered into an agreement on October 10, 2018 resolving all issues relating to the various trademarks of their respective organizations.

The Club and the Museum believe that they can peacefully co-exist offering their respective services under their respective trademarks without causing confusion. As of this date, neither organization will oppose trademarks entered with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTD) by the other party, consistent with their agreement, and both recognize the sovereignty of those marks.

As part of the agreement, on a going forward basis, AACA Museum has agreed to include, where appropriate, the following statement with their communications to the public, “Not Affiliated with the Antique Automobile Club of America.”

The Boards of both organizations wish each other well and hope they both can continue to support the greatest hobby in the world, the antique car hobby.

A hint of the deal came Oct. 10 as the Club presented a check to the Museum. For more on that, see Page 7.

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